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HY Affiliates provides an advanced dashboard which allows affiliates to create and track campaigns with ease. To create a new campaign simply:

  • Create a new campaign by clicking on the "Campaigns" tab
  • Select the JavaScript or HTML Ad codes using the tab "Ad Server"
  • Place the ad codes on your web-site
  • View your statistics under the "Reports" tab
  • Request your commission payments by clicking on the "Payments" tab

* Please note that information about new traders and trader activity statistics will appear in reports the next day

Creating a new campaign

  • To create a new affiliate campaign, click on "Campaigns" in the menu
  • To create a new referral campaign, enter a name for your campaign, campaign type and commission type, then click "Add"
  • To get the HTML code, click "Launch Ad Server"
  • Copy the html code provided and use it to create banners in your website.
  • You can create as many campaigns as you want. If you use different campaigns for different sites, you will be able to see statistics for each campaign separately, as well as the total statistics

HY Affiliates is one of the best forex affiliate programmes around. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.