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Our affiliate programme offers a wide variety of marketing tools including customised static banners, flash banners and text links to help affiliates generate traffic and conversion. These marketing tools are available in English and other languages and can be accessed by going to 'Ad Server" under your 'Campaigns' tab.

You can use these proven marketing tools on your website right away:

Static and Flash Banners

Banners have proved to be one of the most efficient marketing tools for affiliate marketing. Choose from a wide array of banners in different styles and sizes and simply paste the HTML or JavaScript code into your website.

The banners can easily be adjusted according to your website specifications. With your unique tracking code embedded in every banner you use, you can track your referred clients and earnings.

Text Links

Text links are easy to generate and they add a search engine optimization element to your website pages. You can insert as many text links as you need into your website content to attract more client sign-ups and increase your revenue.