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Trading Financial Markets is the fastest growing industry and has massive return potential for Financial and Forex affiliates

Unique mainstream product

The financial industry is one of the most prestigious industries globally. It is a mainstream business which is of great appeal among most of the Internet population with spending power

High customer value

The value of a customer in the financial markets is higher compared to any other industry. For instance, an investor or trader usually keeps on depositing money into his account to continue to trade and to invest. This is unlike other businesses where the customer buys a product and the relationship stops there. Thus, you have the ability to earn more incentives per customer you introduce

Extended lifetime of a customer

A trader or investor usually deposits money over his entire lifetime. A trader is not the type of person who deposits the money and never comes back. He will keep investing and being interested in the financial markets

Limited Competition

The competition among financial market affiliates is not that fierce as compared to the gaming or the book industry. Thus, you have plenty of targets with a huge market with unlimited earnings potential

Growth of retail trading and investing into financial markets

The Internet has revolutionized the way people do things. In the financial markets, the Internet has facilitated on-line trading, thereby changing the way the market works as well as the way investors access the market. Today millions of investors and traders are trading online globally

World wide product recognition

Products such as forex, oil/gas, metals, commodities, indices and stocks are well recognized trading products. The number of participants trading these products has increased rapidly over the past few years and is expected to continue to grow into the future

Increasing potential market

Every day more and more online participants are learning about the financial markets and how to trade and invest. There is a consistent pool of new potential customers for you to attract

HY Affiliates Program offers many unique benefits

Personal account manager to help you with your affiliate account

A personal account manager will be responsible for your account
Your account manager will provide you with feedback on how to improve your earnings and performance
Your account manager will be easily accessible. We treat you as a VIP client

Dedicated customer service teams

HY Affiliates partner trading platform, HYCM, has a large dedicated and experienced sales and customer service team to ensure clients satisfaction and follow-up
Increase customer value - Our goal is to maximize our customers' value and we always strive to achieve that. Higher customer value means higher payout for you
Expand clients lifetime - Our experienced customer service team will retain and expand a clients' lifetime therefore increasing their net value

Global Presence in the main financial regions: London – UAE - Hong Kong

Local knowledge and expertise allows us to increase a client’s value which benefits our affiliates. In total, HYCM offers customer service in 8 languages enabling you to benefit from access to additional regional markets.Local knowledge and expertise allows us to increase a client’s value which benefits our affiliates. In total, HYCM and HYO offer customer service in 8 languages enabling you to benefit from access to additional regional markets.

Easy Account Opening process

HYCM offers very simple account opening processes. Clients can start trading with initial deposit as low as $100. 

Funding methods

Our partners' platforms offers different account funding methods (Credit Cards, Bank Transfers and Skrill) which makes it easier for your clients to deposit money and this makes it easier for them to access to system and trade the markets

We partner with the world's leading online capital markets company:


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